Springfield Armory (Texas) M1A's:

The very first Springfield Armory M1A's were manufactured in Radium then Devine, Texas. Springfield Armory, Inc. was the creation of Elmer Ballance.

Often, these low serial numbered rifles are affectionately recognized as "Devine" M1As. The only identifying marks that would be consistent with all of these rifles would be the receiver serial numbers. The estimated amount of receivers manufactured by Springfield Armory, Inc. before being sold to the current owners, is estimated at about 3200. Whether the rifle was initially sold as a complete rifle or as a receiver, it may be considered a "Devine". At present, no records are available to identify which receivers were sold as complete rifles or as bare receivers. Although there are other identifying marks on some of the early Springfield Armory rifles, the marks are not consistent or definitive.

Hawaii is fortunate to have acquired SN: 000050. This rifle has been given the name FIVE-0 and now it can truly be considered as "Hawaii" FIVE-0. This rifle was configured as a National Match rifle and has matching USGI SA parts with the exception of the USGI NM SAK barrel. Hawaii being the 50th State of the United States gives additional meaning to FIVE-0.



There is a NEW early M1A in the collection. M1A #000377 was added to the family in 2008.

In 2011, I was able to purchase M1A SN: 000376 and I already had M1A SN: 000377

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