WhamoCamo is a company that is owned and operated by SixTGunr (Rick) and produces the best "hand painted" stocks. Each and every stock is unique and are painted "one at a time"! SixT takes the time to "do it right"!!! I am fotunate over the years to own a few of his designs and creations. And the hardest thing in getting a WhamoCamo original is trying to decide which design/creation to get.

These are some of the ones that I got and how they looked on my rifles.

(L-R) Seminole, Desert Sage, Urban Warrior, ChocolateChip (6 color), Woodland, Navajo and LZ Nighthawk
(Not Shown) Black

SixT has also produced "custom" designs based on customer requests and few special "one of a kind" designs. This is a special that was done for Roy's son Dave in the 10th Mountain.

Operation Iraqi Freedom:

As a tribute to the soldiers that are fighting in Iraq, SixT wanted to create a special run of a series of four MARPAT designs that would honor and befit these soldiers.