WDIGeorge (George):

I can probably say that I would not have a large percentage of my firearms if it were not for WdiGeorge (George). Way back when I was seriously thinking of "collecting" firearms, I would always be too late (living in Hawaii means that I am at the end in US time zones) or not looking in all the "right" places... but fortunately for me, WdiGeorge came to the rescue! He is proably one of the most "akamai" (Hawaiian for Very Smart) buyer that I have met. He found or brokered for me, so many rifles, that I lost count. I am so happy and fortunate to have a friend like George. We also share the same interest in many of the firearms that we have today.

While starting my small collection, George and I thought it would be a good idea to secure parts and accessories for our firearms to ensure that they would always be functioning. Again, George came to the rescue by helping me to secure a sufficient amount of parts and accessories to give me a small modicum of security for my firearms.