HuntingHawk (Ross):

One of the most "giving" person I have ever had the privilege to meet is HuntingHawk. HH (as I often refer to him as) takes the time to help so many people, it is almost unbelieveable. But I believe it because I know him. We met because he made something that he thought I would like and be excited about. And without a second thought... shipped it to me in Hawaii! It was a "primitive knife" and a hand woven sash that he adapted to fit on an M14 (see pics below). Suffice it to say, I did back flips! HH supports the US troops in Iraq by sending them "care packages", but unlike a regular care package that most would send... he sends the troops something they can really use! Out of respect, I won't say what it is, but if it saves the life of a soldier or makes their life easier, then I am sure it will make HH extremely happy.

To see HuntingHawk's web site for CUSTOM Finger Woven Sashes products... go to...


I know some have not noticed it within my web site and wondered how I got some of those specialty "metal" products and knives, etc. Well, I have to say that Mr. HuntingHawk is the one who put all of those things together! Yep, "talented is as talented does" describes this creative and innovative thinker.