This is one of the more fun areas of my web site... For many who know me, they would always remember that I have been involved (sometimes up to my eye balls) in projects...

Graphics have been one of my passions for a long time and some of my projects evolved around this as well. But for the most part, my projects have been focused on the M14 type rifle and trying to experiment with about everything I could think of using pictures and graphics to augment these projects.. The following areas are things that I have completed and thought would be interested to those that visted this web site.

Animated "How To" Procedures
These are animated procedures that were created to help in better understanding the M14 rifle

Bedding an M14

The procedure of "bedding" an M14 action is a bit intricate and can be tricky. I thought of making a procedure that would help anyone who was thinking of bedding their rifle. I realized in making this procedure that it would be better to have a second person shooting the pictures instead of trying to do everything myself. Hopefully, I might be able to redo this on my next bedding job, but I will be sure to get someone else to do the shots.

Pillar Bedding a Remington Bolt Action

This is something that I thought would be really interesting to do. Having bedded a few M14 type rifles, this posed a new challenge that I felt I was up to.Amazingly, it came out exceptionally well, and since, this rifle, I have gone on to do a couple more using the same method and procedure as described.

Installing a Harris Bipod on an M14/M1A

Wanting to shoot the M14 with a scope, I thought a bipod would be a great asset, however, I didn't want to use a USGI type bipod that could affect accuracy, so I settled on a Harris bipod as an alternative. But then... how to mount the bipod to the rifle became the problem and challenge.