Current Favorite Camera:

This is the camera that I have been using to shoot most of the pictures that you see on this web site. This Canon can pretty much do what I need it to... but this is an area I hope to focus on more in the future. Photography has been fun learning and proof is in the pics!

Canon Digital Rebel - 6.3 Megapixels



Digs Gallery - Gallery of Pictures - Under Construction
A test picture gallery that hopefully will be helpful in showing many pictures in a gallery type setting.

FOR SALE (February 5, 2011)
This page is for items that are for sale by Dighawaii

FOR SALE (February 19, 2011)
This page is for items that will be for sale by Dighawaii but not published yet

Koko Head Shooting Range (Oahu, Hawaii)
This is where most of us get to shoot in Hawaii. At least on Oahu that is. The facility houses designated for most shooting disciplines. We are fortunate to have this.

Receiver/Bolt Pics
LRB Receivers are forged and the best receivers currently made. I tested a few bolts with the two LRB receivers that I have on hand and they are certainly tight on fit. I would say this is GREAT and will give the Gunsmith much more lattitude in developing a tight fit on parts.

This section, I am testing videos embedded into a web site. This process of testing videos on my web site is a work in progress but I am getting close.

Test Video 1

Test Video 2 - M14 Firing Sequence Animation