FOR SALE as of February 19, 2011!!!

READ THIS FIRST. These items for sale are for sale within the United States ONLY! I will offer discounts for multiple item purchases as noted. I prefer USPS Money Orders or Bank Checks and I do not accept PayPal.

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SADLAK Custom Parts

Absolutely NEW IN WRAP, Sadlak TiN M14 (ungrooved) Piston and NM Op Rod Spring Guide. The Sadlak TiN M14 Piston retails for $45.90 (Sadlak website) and the Sadlak NM op rod spring guide retails for $40.75 (Sadlak website). I am interested in selling theTiN M14 (ungrooved) piston for $37 plus $5 shipping and the NM op rod spring guide for $32 plus $5 shipping. Shipping of these products are confined to the US only.

Buy both Sadlak items for $60 shipped.


Versa rail for M14

I am selling a NEW Versa bipod/accessory rail for the M14 type rifle. This Versa rail replaces the front sling swivel and includes a picatinny rail, 3-1/4" long and a 1-5/8" sling loop. This is new and unmounted, removed from the package and lost the package. I am selling the Versa rail for $50 plus $5 shipping within the US only,.


USGI Big Red Birch rifle stock

This stock was originally purchased from US Armory Gun Parts for $129 and arrived "black" as coal. I removed the original finish to inspect the wood of the stock and was impressed with the grain and "flame/figure" that this stock exhibited. I took care not to disturb the cartouches but might have sanded the DoD cartouche (see pictures), The stock is a USGI stock and has some "character" to it but is overall a beautiful and excellent stock. The stock is a golden blonde which exhibit dimensional flame which reflect differently depending on how the stock is held or viewed and was finished with Tru Oil. This stock is being sold with all metal for $130 plus $10 shipping within the US only.

Springfield Armory SAR4800 FAL (not for sale at this moment)

This is an excellent version of the FN-FAL rifle by Springfield Armory. This rifle is the "BUSH" or carbine version and has a 16" barrel and a LH twist flash hider. Unlike most FAL's that I have seen, this one is semi gloss black and IMHO, the most attractive FAL clone.

This rifle is used but has been shot VERY litlle maybe a couple of hundred rounds of Portugese 7.62 mm ammo and cleans very quickly. I do not know this as a fact but the barrel cleans like a chrome lined barrel... very quickly. It is in very good condition. When I purchased this rifle, it was sold to me a "unfired" and it looked it. There are small marks under the upper receiver that were made by a cheap scope mount sold with the rifle, but is not visible unless rifle is turned up side down. The gas adjustment collar also exhibit small marks from the retaining spring from being adjusted (shown in pictures). The top cover was dinged with brass and was Duracoated.

The rifle with a DSA extreme scope mount and 10X SS scope and Portugese ball ammo, shoots 18" steel plates at 440 yards with no problem. This is a reliable rifle and has NOT had a single jam or problem in the rounds that were fired during preliminary testing and therefore had a coveted place in my small collection of rifles.

This rifle is being sold with a 10 round and 20 round magazine and an FAL manual.

To the Purchaser, a special package of custom DSA parts, new FAL metric magazines, manuals and FAL tools will be offered for a special price ONLY for the purchaser.