I enjoy the long guns so that I have started collecting them (well... at least the types that I find most interesting)... Of the collection that I have managed to acquire so far, the U.S. "Battle Rifles" are certainly the ones that I enjoy shooting most. But the one I prize above all is...the Aloha Shooter (click icon image to see the Aloha Shooter)...

But each of my long guns have a special place to me... click on any of the categories

M14/Springfield Armory M1A Rifles

U.S. M1 Garands

Armalite AR-10T

M16/AR-15 type Rifles

Springfield Armory SAR-48/4800

Tactical Style Bolt Rifles

Hunting Style Bolt Rifles

Rimfire Rifles

Beauty of Wood
(Bastogne Walnut)