Tactical Bolt Rifles

Each of the Tactical Bolt Rifles started with Remington 700 receivers.

The rifle in the foreground, is originally a Rem 700 VLS (.308) and is basically in stock configuration, but is outfitted with a Jewell trigger, custom installed muzzle brake, a Randy Cain bolt handle and wears Leupold Mark 4, M1, 16X optics sitting a Badger base and Badger Max50 rings. The stock is a Bell and Carlson Tactical that has been strengthened, customized and bedded by yours truly.

The rifle in the background is also a Rem 700 BDL that was chambered for .243 but currently chambered for .308. This rifle has been customized by Wayne, Pacific Custom Rifles. The action has been trued and a new Clay Spencer barrel (SS, #7 contour, fluted, 1-10 twist) with a custom "mated" muzzle brake, David Tubb barrel lug, David Tubb Speed Lock firing pin, Jewell trigger, a Randy Cain bolt handle, Leupold Mark 4, M1, 10X optics in a Badger base and Max50 rings. This stock is a McMillan A-2 stock, again bedded by yours truly.



Tactical LR Remingtion 700

The base of this LR rifle is a Long Action Remington Sendero in 300 Win Mag. The stock is an AICS 1.5 stock which allows excellent ergonomics in the prone and bench positions. The bolt handle has been customized by RD Precision. The receiver and lugs have been trued and squared and the original barrel has been replaced with a new "Light Varmint" contour from Clay Spencer installed by Pacific Custom Rifles. A Holland muzzle brake was installed, and the entire rifle was redone with KG GunKote by Wayne at Pacific Custom Rifles.

How does she shoot? Like a "Laser" pointer. An excellent combination of power and accuracy.

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David Tubbs Tactical Tubbs 2K

A new addition to the collection is this Tactical Tubbs 2K rifle. This is an exceptional rifle and truly one of my best "finds"! This rifle was in the possession of one of my good friends and shooting partner, Wayne. Well, the first time it went up for sale, I didn't have the funds and it was sold, then sold back to Wayne some time later. I guess Wayne would part with this rifle. In speaking with Wayne one day, he said that he really wanted this rifle to stay in Hawaii being one of two "Tacticals" brought in to Hawaii when David Tubb announced the sale his new and innovative designed rifle. Did I mention that this rifle is David Tubbs, Tactical Tubbs 2K #0008! Wayne did eventually put this rifle up for sale again! And, again, I didn't have the cash funds for this truly remarkable rifle. So it sold... but not to me! After I got used to the fact that I missed the chance and opportunity to own the Tubbs, the then, current owner put it up for sale.

In speaking with the owner, he said that he preferred to have an M14 type rifle for his match shooting! This is when I really knew it was meant to be! M14?!? Dang, I have a lot of them... and he was open to make a trade! AWESOME and COOOL, doesn't even begin to describe my elation. I got a Springfield Armory Super Match with only 20 rds through it ready for trade. This rifle was refinished without removing the action from the stock and it was spectacular with a reddish hue. The handguard was also redone with Duracoat with a darker black/brown color to match the stock. If you look at some of my older pictures, it's there. And to make a long story short, the trade occurred and now I am the proud owner of the David Tubbs Tactical Tubbs 2K, number 0008.