M14/Springfield Armory M1A Rifles

This has been the center of my interest and passion in collecting "battle rifles". I guess I would coin myself as being a traditionalist when thinking of the M14/M1A collection... as you can see, all of these rifles have the full length (22") barrels. But the more I see the Bush, Scouts and now the SOCOM's, I have begun to think that those rifles would certainly have a place with these others that I have managed to already get. I like, both, wood and synthetic stocks and in the picture below are many of the M1A's in WhamoCamo hand-painted synthetic stocks.

Standing Tall



A configuration setup that I have really come to like is this one... It is a NM M1A that is bedded in to a McMillan M3A stock, topped with an ARMS #18 mount and a Leupold Mark 4, 10X, M3 scope in ARMS #22M rings.



"SHORTY" 050

TFL Armscorp receiver (#TFL 050), NM parts and components with a LRB 18" non-chrome lined barrel. Originally created to be a simple "BUSH" type rifle, when I saw an ad for a folding stock which would be perfect for making a true "shorty". So, this is how it ended up being configured.

M1AE2 Project - 10-5-2008

After building the Shorty 050, I started to look for another project to work on that would be unique to my slowly growing collection and to keep me occupied. I saw a post by my friend WdiGeorge who featured a group picture of some of his rifles which included an E2 stocked M1A and I thought that E2 really looked GREAT! So, I thought this will be the way I go for a new project.

A fellow Moderator/member of the TFL Forum, Todd (7.62bthp) agreed to sell me his E2 stock. It is a Walnut E2, which is beautiful and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. When it arrived, I didn't waste a moment and immediately took a NM M1A out of the stock it was in and fitted the receiver to its new home, the E2 stock. The E2 stock is not complete with all of the E2 accessories, but it would be part of my project to locate these items and make it as close to the original configuration as I can manage.

This is what she looked like for a hastened photo shoot.

At this point, I have the NM M1A in the M14E2 stock, a Hawk's Dummy Selector kit, a reproduction PRO-MAG bipod and a stabilizer. I hope you enjoy the pictures of where I am currently at.

A couple really awesome people (Hawk and Law483) responded to my search for additional E2 parts and a good bipod (at least for taking pics). The bipod pictured is not only poorly constructed, but was constructed with the bipod legs backwards!

When I am able to progress on this project, I will add new pictures...

October 20, 2008
Parts are all here and the project is complete!

For those who are interested, I am creating an M1AE2 project page that has detailed pictures of the parts and components that make up the E2 type rifle. Click here: M1AE2 PROJECT


Standing Tall 2008