U.S. M1 Garand, 30 caliber


CMP Danish M1 Garand

CMP is the best deal if you're looking for a piece of history and want a "shooter". Some CMP Garands are delivered in "beat up" shape while others are excellent and is the pick of the draw.

One of my M1 Garands came from CMP and the wood was in pretty bad shape when I received it. The salvation was that the metal was in excellent shape. So I decided to find similar wood and refinish it. I lucked out and found some really nice light colored Birch wood.

This is what she looked like when she arrived.

After she was refinished, it looked AWESOME!


My M1 Garands


The Triple Lugged ULTRA Match M1 Garand by Mac McCoy

This is probably one of the finest Match rifles I have ever owned. And, this rifle can shoot! I have not taken this rifle apart but I can see that it has a Krieger heavy match barrel and is an SA receiver.


The DGR M1 Garand built and restored by Dean Dillabaugh (DGR Guns).

Dean Dillabaugh builds one of the finest M1 Garands that I have ever seen. His craftsmanship and attention to detail on the metal work is outstanding. He hand fits his creations into some of the most exotic wood stocks that are available. When I ordered this one, he assured me that the wood that he selected for this rifle would be impressive and after I received it, I think he UNDERSTATED the beauty in this rifle, both in the metal work and in the wood! This is one beautiful rifle.

There are many factors that drive people to do the things they do, and in my case, I find M1 Garands and M14's facinating, but somethimes, I like to change things up. In some cases, I like traditional USGI type stocks (of course origirnal is fine, but the better a stock looks, the better I like it, at least IMHO) so these stocks are customs stocks... and I love it!

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Pics of the Tiger Striped Maple
(Click for Close Up)

Another Striped M1 Garand Stock
(No Close Up Shots)

SA Striped M1 Garand

This rifle is a CMP Danish rifle and has a VAR barrel. The barrel and all metal are in EXCELLENT condition. I am so suprised, but remarkably, the stock was really "rubbish". The original pics at the top of this page was of this rifle.