M16/AR-15 type Rifles

When I first started IPSC style shooting, 3 Gun Matches were popular and I thought an AR-15 would be the way to go. I couldn't affort a true Colt AR-15 so I had one built up.

SGW lower/M16 A1 upper


Pictures placed here...


Bushmaster V-Match Carbine (aka "Mini Fun Gun"
This "Black Gun" was built and assembled to what you see and is equipped with an Aimpoint ML/2, ARMS riser and Bushmaster flip front sight. It also has a Rock River NM trigger, Ergo grip and a "stubby" butt stock with a small spacer. All in all, a really fun gun to shoot!



I was fortunate to get in on a group buy to purchase (2) LRB forged M14SA receivers with serial numbers that are special to me. The serial numbers were TFL 49 and 50. Shortly thereafter another group buy came up and I was able to secure (2) LRB M15SA (AR-15 type) receivers and received TFL 049 and 050 which match the M14 receivers that I received earlier.

The LRB M15SA receivers were purchased "stripped" and would have to be built into functioning rifles. I decided to do the build myself and to test my skills.

To start, I decided to build my LRB M15SA TFL 050 as a companion to the LRB M14SA TFL 50 match rifle that I recently completed. As a companion, I thought a modified "retro" CAR type would be appropriate for my M14 match rifle. The retro build would use new commerical parts that were available, hence the term "modified retro".

The main components to the build were:

LRB M15SA upper and lower receiver (SN: TFL 050)
DPMS 16" 1-9 twist threaded barrel
DPMS slip over flash hider (16" barrel with the short barrel look
Magpul furniture and magazines
DPMS parts kit (upper and lower)
DPMS A-2 carry handle


The build went exceptionally smooth, without any mishap or "oops"!!! Amazingly, I really enjoyed assembling this rifle from scratch. It was my "first" AR type build and really didn't know what to expect. I should note that IMHO, this build did NOT save me any money, but what it did do was allow me to assemble it exactly the way I wanted. For me, it was really worth it.

The LRB M15SA TFL 050 functions and shoots smoothly and without a single malfunction. What a learning experience!

Now, the question is... what do I want to do with the LRB M15SA TFL 049. Hmmm... I'll let you know when I decide... :)