Bastogne Walnut

There is wood and then, there is BEAUTIFUL WOOD.

Years ago, I really never gave a whole lot of thought about the type of wood that I wrapped my rifles in, as long as it was not beat up, heavily dinged, etc., that would have been sufficient. But when I was thinking of a custom M1 Garand, I researched the web and found Dean Dillabaugh of DGR Guns who's motto is "Life is too short to shoot an Ugly gun!" and said this is the person I want to build my next M1 Garand.

I have been so impressed with Dean's easy going style, which put me at ease in spending a pretty large chunk of change on a WWII War Horse. I won't bore you with the details and some of the information is contained in other areas of this web site. But when Dean asked me what kind of stock I wanted for this "special" (to me) rifle, I said "...well, what would you recommend?" Without hesitation, he suggested a Bastogne Walnut stock, and not knowing anything about this kind of wood, I said... "uuh okay... I trust you and will go with your recommendation".

Hey, that was the best thing I could have done. In my opinion, it is one of the mot exotic and beautiful wood that I have ever seen. Now knowing what Bastogne Walnut was all about, I thought "I wish I had one for my M1A!" No sooner than thinking it, I ran across the same kind of wood in an M14 style. I didn't miss out on this one and now I have a complimenting stock on an M1A. They both looked so awesome, I thought to call them, the Bastogne Brothers! I hope you enjoy the pics! It's the only way I will share them! :)

The beauty of the wood runs throughout the stock. (Click for larger pictures)


This is a close up of the butt stocks.



Simply gorgeous!